Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Uprising

Last May, one of my favorite writers, David Sirota, appeared on the Colbert Report. I thought it would be fitting to share this clip with you since there is just a couple weeks until inauguration day.

Matt Stoller described this uprising as a rootsgap in a post earlier this week.

I first noticed the rootsgap problem during the impeachment of Clinton, when the 60 plus percent of the public supported him in office, but the Republicans, the media, and even some Democratic officials, did not. That was when Moveon was created, via a simple petition that asked Congress to censure him, and Moveon. This rootsgap, which we saw grow during the run-up to the war in Iraq, produced new leaders in the form of Howard Dean and Wes Clark, and new forms of communications and organizing, in the form of the blogosphere. The public, having always preferred a war under UN auspices, turned against the Iraqi adventure as early as 2003. It's been written out of history, but the $87 billion the administration requested for Iraq was opposed by more than 60% of the public.

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