Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Iowa House Votes for $56 million for Flood Relief

Yesterday, the Iowa House voted 98 - 0 to spend $56 million for flood relief.

"If this isn't responding to an emergency, I don't know what is," floor manager Rep. Tyler Olson, D-Cedar Rapids, said about House File 64 that makes $56 million available for housing assistance, the personal needs of individuals and grants to cities to help with flood recovery efforts. "But I want to emphasize this is only the first step. Inaction is not an option."

Representatives had no problem with dipping into the state's $155 million economic emergency accounts to help flood and tornado victims, but minority Republicans sought to improve accountability and prevent an increase in the number of state employees at a time the governor is calling for spending cuts.

Olson hopes the bill wins quick approval in the Senate and lands on Gov. Chet Culver's desk yet this week.
I would like to thank Tyler Olson and other Cedar Rapids/Iowa City legislators for their leadership on this issues.

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