Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bruce Braley, Netroots Hero

Braley participated in an online chat with the blog Crooks and Liars this morning who called Braley a netroots hero. I knew Bruce Braley has been a great Representitive, but didn't know he became a netroots hero already!

The entire chat is worth the read. Here's a taste. Braley was asked about how grassroot Democrats can get involved...

...we are always looking for dynamic candidates who are electable in their districts. Grassroots Democrats can help us by sharing information and ideas about candidates who have the background and experience to be successful in 2010. So, grassroots Democrats can play a role from the beginning, and I hope to continue to reach out to you and the netroots as the 2010 cycle gets underway. I can also assure you that I welcome your ideas and inspiration, and not just your checks.
We are lucky to have Braley representing Iowa.

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