Monday, January 19, 2009

Blog for Iowa is at the Inauguration

The writer's of Blog for Iowa are in DC at the Inauguration festivities. Check them out for updates and pictures.

Here's their post from today...

We made it to DC! The weather is a gorgeous, sunny, and 37 degrees, which feels like spring to us. We have the window open in our hotel room. Most people traveled over the weekend so the flight was smooth and uneventful.

Our co-travelers picked up our inaugural tickets for us. They just called and said they had been standing in line at the Longworth Building for a couple of hours to get through security so they could pick up all of our tickets. They said (as of about 3:30 pm today) that there were about 200 people in line. Once inside, they had no trouble picking up our tickets from Loebsack (we had to arrange this in advance) and then they proceeded to Boswell's for theirs. They said our tickets are in the Blue Section!! In front of the reflecting pool! High fives all around. We had thought our tickets would be in the silver, behind the reflecting pool, but we'll still be standing. Standing with our fellow/sister Americans saying good-bye to Bushco, Hello, Barack!

Stay tuned...

Trish, Arron, Ellen

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