Monday, December 08, 2008

When is Romney Coming to Iowa?

The Boston Globe is reporting Mitt Romney is laying the groundwork for a presidential run in 2012.

Mitt Romney "is laying the groundwork for a possible White House campaign in 2012, hiring a team of staff members and consultants with money from a fund-raising committee he established with the ostensible purpose of supporting other GOP candidates," the Boston Globe reports.

"The former Massachusetts governor has raised $2.1 million for his Free and Strong America political action committee. But only 12 percent of the money has been spent distributing checks to Romney's fellow Republicans around the country."

"Instead, the largest chunk of the money has gone to support Romney's political ambitions, paying for salaries and consulting fees to over a half-dozen of Romney's longtime political aides."
That leaves the obvious question. When is Mitt Romney coming to Iowa?


Anonymous said...

You think he might skip?
He finished second last time, but I don't see how he can finish better than 3rd this time.

I think Governor Romney has burned too many bridges to really make a serious run.

noneed4thneed said...

There is a chance he does. Iowa didn't get him anything last time.