Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tell Harkin to Strip Lieberman's Chairmanship

The Democratic Steering Committee in the US Senate will be voting on a secret ballot tomorrow on what to do with Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman strongly backed John McCain for President, spoke at the Republican convention, attacked Barack Obama's patriotism, and campaigned for two Republican Senate candidates.

Sen. Bernie Sanders
(I-VT) summed it up...

"To reward Senator Lieberman with a major committee chairmanship would be a slap in the face of millions of Americans who worked tirelessly for Barack Obama and who want to see real change in our country," Sanders in the statement sent our way by his office.

"Appointing someone to a major post who led the opposition to everything we are fighting for is not 'change we can believe in,'" Sanders continued. "I very much hope that Senator Lieberman stays in the Democratic caucus and is successful in regaining the confidence of those whom he has disappointed. This is not a time, however, in which he should be rewarded with a major committee chairmanship."

Call Tom Harkin on Tuesday morning and tell him that Joe Lieberman does not deserve to hold a major committee chairmanship.

Here's Harkin's contact info at his DC office...
Tom Harkin, Iowa (202) 224-3254


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that would be a great way to bring the country together, unless, of course, that's not really what Obama and cronies really want to do.

Anonymous said...

My heart bleeds for you Anon 10:18. It truly does :)

You lost the election, dont start playing uniter now. Bush has spent 8 years tearing down individual rights and freedoms and bringing us into a recession. There is no need to unite with such horrible republican fascist!!

The American people have spoken

Ben said...

Lieberman keeps his chairmanship...for now. We'll see what happens in two years if the dems pick up enough seats so that they don't need him in the caucus anymore. The memories of his actions in '08 will linger.