Saturday, November 08, 2008

SD 10: Dainielson pulls Ahead

Jeff Danielson has pulled ahead in Senate District 10 after the latest count of provisional ballots...

Jeff Danielson of Waterloo, the Democratic incumbent in the Senate 10 race, overtook Walt Rogers in the ballot counting Thursday, according to the Black Hawk County Auditor's Office.

Challenger Rogers, a Republican from Cedar Falls, was ahead by 65 votes before provisional ballots were counted Thursday.

The Black Hawk County Special Precinct Board for the Nov. 4 general election met Thursday to count the provisional ballots -- from voters who turned in absentee ballots at the polls. The board also counted absentee ballots received late or in dispute...

Senate 10: Election night leader Rogers increased to 16,051 votes, but Danielson increased to 16,057, giving Danielson a six-vote lead.
This will surely be a recount, so we won't know the winner for awhile, but it is looking good for Danielson.

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