Friday, November 21, 2008

Napolitano as Homeland Security Secretary

I was disapointed to her that Jane Napolitano is going to become Homeland Security Secretary, not because she isn't qualified, but because I wanted her to run for Senate in 2010.  Polls from earlier this fall have shown that Napolitano would beat McCain.

However, Matthew Yglesias makes some good points on way it is a smart move for Napolitano to head Homeland Security...

There’s some interest in what becoming Homeland Security Secretary would mean for Janet Napolitano’s prospects as a Senate candidate. I would imagine that it will only mean good things. Nothing about running DHS prevents her from running for Senate in 2010 or, indeed, from running against John Kyl in 2012. Indeed, being at DHS is probably better to set up a 2012 run, and given that John McCain says he’s not retiring, that’s her better shot.

But beyond all that, note that she’s getting out as governor of Arizona while the going is still good. Being a governor of any state in 2009 is going to be ugly. It’s going to be all about cutting spending and raising taxes, while dealing with increased demand for public assistance and in all likelihood rising crime rates. Arizona was a major real estate bubble state, so it’s going to be especially unfun. It’s also a state that’s been in some respects benefiting economically from the war in Iraq, making things even worse. She’s very popular right now, though, and if she gets out and manages to bring about some improvements at DHS she’ll stay popular.

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Adam said...

Right now I dont think anyone could beat Governor Napolitano. She is extremely popular in the state of Arizona