Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Iowa Senate Election Recap

In the Iowa Senate, Democrats held a 30-20 seat lead. During the election they picked up 3 seats formerly held by Republicans. Steve Sodders (SD-22) and Swati Dandekar (SD 18) picked up seats held by retiring Republican Senators Larry McKibben and Mary Lundby. Mary Jo Wilhelm knocked of incumbent Jeff Zieman in SD 8.

However, 2 incumbent Democrats are narrowly losing their races. Jeff Danielson is down by 90 votes in SD 10 and Frank Wood is down by only 47 votes. We can cross our fingers that there might be enough absentee ballots still to come in to keep these two in office.

Pick up Opportunities
Iowa Senate
Democrats Picked Up

SD 8 Wilhelm defeated incumbent Zieman
Wilhelm won by just over 1,000 votes.

SD 18 Dandekar over Childers in an open seate
Dandekar has nearly 60% of the vote, but only 16/39 precincts are in.

SD 22 Sodders over Heil in an open seate
Sodders won 55%-45% in Marshall and Hardin Counties.

Democrats Failed to Pick up
SD 40 Savage - Hahn
Hahn won 52.3% to 47.7%.

SD 48 Smith - Reynolds
This was a longshot for Democrats in rural southern Iowa. Reynolds won 55% - 41%.

Incumbents that Lost
SD 10 - Jeff Danielson
Danielson is down by just 90 votes with all precincts reporting. Who knows about any absentee ballots still to come in.

SD 42 - Frank Wood
Woods is down by 67 votes with all of the precincts reporting. Maybe enough absentee ballots coming in to help Wood keep this seat.

Incumbents that won tight races
SD 38 - Tom Reilly
Reilly won with 57% of the vote.

Iowa Senate total as of now: Democrats hold a 31-19 advantage

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