Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Truth About ACORN

We've all head the far right's attacks about voter fraud against ACORN.

Here's a response done by Brave New Films...

Basically for these allegations to be true, a voter registration card would have to be turned will a false name (Mickey Mouse, members of the Dallas Cowboys, etc). These voter registration cards would have to be verified by local board of elections that these are real people and live in that precinct. Then these people would have to show up to vote in that precinct. To effect an election this would have to repeated thousands of times. The whole idea is ridiculous.

The bottom line is that ACORN has registered millions of voters and the fact that only a few of them were wrong shows how good of job ACORN has been doing.

Matthew Yglesias sums it up...

If a pharmaceutical company came out with a new anti-depression drug and gave it to a million people suffering from depression, of whom 970,000 were helped you wouldn’t turn around and conclude that the company was perpetrating a deliberate fraud based on the fact that “tens of thousands” of patients got no relief. You’d say that the medicine was helpful in 97 percent of the indicated cases. ACORN is trying — and succeeding — in an effort to register a lot of new voters.

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