Monday, October 06, 2008

Stop Spending Like There's No Tomorrow

Here is a great commercial about our national debt from Scott Kleeb, Democratic candidate for Senate in Nebraska.


Ben said...

You mean spending like the $850 billion dollar "rescue" bill? I don't think anyone likes our national debt. The problem is that a recession is the -worst- time to cut back on government spending. The trick is to put our money into programs and policies that will have the greatest payoff in the future to recoup the government's investment; things like infrastructure, education and new industry growth.

Calling for "Reducing the debt" isn't helpful, when what we need is to redirect funding into programs that grow the economy so that we can pay the debt off once the recession.

Great News! said...

The Greatest Payoff comes from individual action. That is something that all parties can agree on.
Do something, no matter how small, for the good of our country, everyday.