Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sen. Durbin Campaigning for Obama in Tama

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) was in Iowa on Friday and Saturday campaigning for Barack Obama. I was able to attend an event on Friday afternoon in Tama.

There were around 20 or so people there on a rainy Friday afternoon. Gary Lamb, decked in a cowboy hot and boots, gave a great introduction of Sen. Durbin, saying that he is no Joe the Plumber, but Gary the Farmer.

Sen. Durbin came with two key messages. First, Durbin said that if Obama doesn't win Iowa then he doesn't win the election. He said there are 50 campaign offices and over 100 staff working throughout the state. However, Durbin said they can't do it all and need the help from volunteers and people talking to their friends and neighbors.

Second, Durbin focused on how John McCain just does not understand the Midwestern economy and way of life. He pointed to McCain saying he doesn't support ethanol in the last debate and his vote against the farm bill that Tom Harkin worked so hard on.

Durbin then opened it up for some questions. One man in the audience told Sen. Durbin that the Buttercow lady is from Tama. Last summer she made a bust of Obama out of butter now it is being stored in the Buttercow lady's freezer. The man wanted to know if there was anyway the sculpture could be displayed at the Smithsonian or at the White House if Obama is elected.

Durbin ended by mentioning again how important it is for people to volunteer to help Obama win and help Democrats down the ticket.

After the event, many of the people stayed to volunteer to make calls and put together walk lists for the weekend canvasses.

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