Thursday, October 02, 2008

Liveblogging the VP Debate

I will be liveblogging the VP debate on Twitter and will post it here after the debate.

Head on over and check it out.


Here's it is...

commoniowan: The debate was a wash. If you came in liking Palin then you thought she did a good job. If you didn't like her then you probably thought she was annoying. She isn't going to swing many independents. Biden did his job by challenging McCain's record and linking him to Bush's policies and laying out Obama's plans.

commoniowan: Palin didn't answer any of the questions. She had her talking points and attacks on Obama and ignored the questions completely.

commoniowan: Biden says that it is all about dignity, respect, and hardwork. We want to bring that back. "It's time for America to get back up together."

commoniowan: Palin wants more chances to talk to Americans, but the media won't let her. We need more fighting in America or we lose our freedom.

commoniowan: Biden says McCain has been no maverick on every issue that matter most to people's lives. Not on health care, education, tax cuts, or war.

commoniowan: Oh yeah, Palin was asked what her achilles heel was. She responds by saying that her and John McCain are perfect for each other.

commoniowan: Wow, Palin's talking about her strengths of being an executive and being part of the heart of America and the CNN dials go nowhere.

commoniowan: To quote my 2nd grade students "Oh snap!" Palin slams Ifill for saying that Palin said she didn't know what the VP even did.

commoniowan: Palin: "John McCain knows how to win a war." That doesn't mean he has to make up for Vietnam by staying in Iraq forever.

commoniowan: Biden: "I never supported John McCain's strategy in Iraq. John McCain's strategy was exactly the same as Dick Cheney's."

commoniowan: Palin: "Wow, man, I am just so much a Washington outsider." CNN voter dials drop.

commoniowan: Biden asked about intervening in Darfur and says we can take a lead if we take a hard stand and stop the genocide.

commoniowan: Biden gets the focus back on McCain by saying he hasn't heard anything about how McCain's plans are any different than George W. Bush's.

commoniowan: Palin talks about being all mavericky and that Biden is just pointing fingers and looking backwards because he isn't a maverick like her and McCain.

commoniowan: Biden brings up that Ahmadinejad doesn't even control the military in Iran and that the clerics do.

commoniowan: Biden: McCain still believes the front on the war on terror is Iraq. He is wrong, it is in Afghanistan.

commoniowan: Palin response " ... (crickets chirping)... then reads rightwing talking points about waving the white flag and surrendering."

commoniowan: Biden: "We will end this war. For John McCain there is no end in sight."

commoniowan: Palin is asked about their plan for the Iraq War and Biden calls her out for not mentioning what their plan is.

commoniowan: Palin agress that she agrees with Biden and Obama on gay marriage and equal rights for same sex couples. I am sure that will ruffle the feathers of some evangelicals.

commoniowan: Palin is asked about equal rights for same sex couples and tries to dodge the question and now I am lost.

commoniowan: Palin calls Joe, Senator O'Biden.

commoniowan: Biden: I think it is man made. "If you don't understand what the cause is, it is virtually impossible to come up with a solution."

commoniowan: Palin: Can't say that man affects climate, but will say what man should do to fix it. Doesn't that mean you think man affects the climate?

commoniowan: Palin says there is a toxic mess on Main St. and it is affecting Wall St. I think she got it backwards.

commoniowan: Palin talks about taking away the tax breaks for oil companies in Alaska. Would she plan on doing that if she were elected vice president?

commoniowan: Palin hasn't promised much of anything because she has been hiding from the media.

commoniowan: Palin dodges the question again and gives her own answer about something else.

commoniowan: Biden calls McCain's health care benefit tax the ultimate bridge to nowhere but the explanation was a little hard to follow .

commoniowan: Biden on McCain's plans to tax health care benefits... "WIth the one hand you giveth, the other hand you taketh."

commoniowan: Palin forgets to mention that McCain plans to tax health care benefits and won't do anything to cover more people.

commoniowan: Palin believes the government is the problem, yet wants to lead the problem. And we wonder why our government can't get anything done when Republicans are in control.

commoniowan: Biden "We have a different value set" and explains why everyone does better when everyone does better and the middle class is strong.

commoniowan: Palin cut property taxes as mayor and left Wasilla millions in debt.

commoniowan: Palin repeats the lie that Obama will raise taxes on those making as little as $42,000. Obama will cut taxes for people making less than $250,000.

commoniowan: Biden brings us back to reality, Obama talked about sub-prime mortgage crisis 2 years ago while McCain has continually pushed deregulation.

commoniowan: Palin: Not Americans fault the economy is hurtin', but it is a chance for us to learn our lessons.

commoniowan: Palin is speaking in talking points and cliches..."team of mavericks", "getting down to business", "hockey moms", "joe six pack".

commoniowan: Palin mentions soccer moms. I didn't know they play soccer in Alaska.

commoniowan: Biden said that a downside is if people make money off the bailout. I think he meant if irresponsible CEOs make money and taxpayers don't.

commoniowan: Ifill asks if the bailout bill debate represents the best of times or if it was the worst of times in Washington DC.

commoniowan: Joe Biden needs to debate John McCain tonight and let Palin get herself in trouble.


Republican in OC said...

Sarah Palin is doing horrible, I cant understand what she is trying to say!

movie fan said...

the GOP wouldn't dare schedule any more unscripted air time for Palin, this would give people more time to realize that she's totally clueless... the prospect of her becoming the Commander in Chief is frightening