Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Great Potential of Harkin's Next Term

In their endorsement of Sen. Tom Harkin, the Des Moines Register outlined the potential of Harkin's 5th term..

In his fifth term, Senator Harkin should aim high and set aside partisan sniping for statesmanship. On the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, he should channel his passions for wellness and nutrition into forging legislation that provides health care for all, at long last bringing America into the company of every other industrialized nation. On that same committee, he should shepherd changes in education policy to better prepare all American students for a competitive global economy. And as Agriculture Committee chairman, he should continue his work to expand agriculture's role in producing alternative forms of energy, thus reducing dependence on oil, while protecting soil, water and air. He has the right vision for overhauling federal farm programs: Instead of paying farmers for what they grow, pay them for how well they grow it.

These would be transformational changes in American life and government: Providing health care for all. Expanding educational opportunities for all of America's children. Lessening the nation's dependence on oil while better protecting the environment.

Spearheading significant progress in these areas would create a more compassionate, just and prosperous society - and be crowning achievements for any senator.

With a Democratic Congress and President Obama, Harkin has a chance to shape health care and with No Child Left Behind, he is in position to lead the reform needed in education.


Anonymous said...


So let me address the 800 lb gorrilla in the room.

We are going to have an overwhelming majority of Democrats in the Senate, and I know there are many people who arent happy with Senator Reid's performance.

So... Should he be replaced?

My personal opinon is yes, and maybe my "Home-r" status is showing through, but what about Tom?

noneed4thneed said...

If Reid was replaced then the logical replace would be Dick Durbin from Illinois, who is the 2nd highest ranking Senator. I doubt he would become Senate Majority leader since he is from the same state at Obama. Next in line is Chuck Schumer from New York and Reid is far more progressive.

Anonymous said...

Is it always taken by senority?