Tuesday, October 07, 2008

2nd Presidential Debate Liveblog

Once again I will be live blogging the 2nd presidential debate on Twitter and then I'll post everything here once the debate is finished.


commoniowan: Chris Matthews connects the dots after debate saying McCain stayed away from the character attacks because he doesn't feel comfortable doing it, but he is just fine with his surrogates calling Obama a terrorist.

MSNBC's test group from Pennsylvania showed independents moving more towards Obama during tonight's debate.

commoniowan: The rules sucked in this debate. It prevented the candidates from responding to each and talking about issues. It seemed like a tattlefest.

commoniowan: McCain calls Obama "that one." My friend that was really poor taste. Obama is a colleague of yours in the United States Senate.

commoniowan: I feel like I am watching a rerun of the 1st debate. Obama wants to meet without preconditions, Obama wants diplomacy, etc.

commoniowan: When asked if Russia should be part of the axis of evil? Obama should say the with us or against attitude isn't the way to defeat terrorism.

commoniowan: Didn't McCain say we were going to attack Iran when he sang "Bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran"?

commoniowan: McCain must have misplaced his flag pin once again because he isn't wearing one. Doesn't he loved America?

commoniowan: Sorry Sen. McCain, my friend, if we did what Obama wanted, we would never have invaded Iraq in the first place.

commoniowan: Obama says he doesn't understand everything, like why we invaded a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

commoniowan: How will the economy affect our peace making ability? McCain says it hurt our ability to have a strong military. Hey, guns don't win peace.

commoniowan: Obama says something is wrong with a country as wealthy as ours with so many people uninsured, people going bankrupt because of health care costs.

commoniowan: Is health care a privilege, a right, or a responsibility? McCain says it is a responsibility. Obama says it is a right.

commoniowan: Obama's doing a great job explaining his health care plan. Now going after McCain's health care tax that would tax benefits as income.

commoniowan: Obama: "I will give tax cuts to 95% of Americans. If you make under $250,000 a year you won't see an increase in taxes."

commoniowan: McCain says he doesn't want to give the wealthy tax cuts.

commoniowan: Obama takes it to McCain about the need to adjust revenue and not give millionaires $700,000 more in tax cuts.

commoniowan: Obama says we must ask ourselves how they can save energy and providing incentives. He talks about national service to help communities.

commoniowan: Asked what we would sacrifice and McCain says we have to sacrifice some government programs, you know like Medicare.

commoniowan: McCain asked about priorities says we can do it all. Then says we spend to much money. What gives? Oh yeah, McCain plans to cut Medicare.

commoniowan: McCain should stop walking around. He looks like he is stumbling all over the place.

commoniowan: McCain is basically saying the bailout isn't enough and we need another bailout to buy bad mortgages. How much does he want to give away?

commoniowan: Obama explains the credit crunch and says that small businesses won't make payroll. He says he asked for action on mortgage crisis in 2006.

commoniowan: McCain fails to answer the question about how the bailout plan helps the average worker. Instead he blames Obama and his cronies in DC.

commoniowan: McCain says it starts with energy independency, cutting taxes for all Americans, and cut spending. He says we must stabilize home values.

commoniowan: On the economy and Obama says that it is the effect of 8 years of Republican economics based on deregulation and helping the wealthy.

commoniowan: With Obama surging in the polls in every battleground state McCain needs a game changer tonight.

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Here's an interesting satirical look at the debate's beginning. Might get a bit of a chuckle...