Friday, September 26, 2008

Thoughts on the First Presidential Debate

I posted my thoughts on the first presidential debate on Twitter and after the debate I copied and pasted them here. The beginning of the debate is at the bottom of the post.

commoniowan: Obama was wearing a flag pin and McCain was not. Will there be any stories tomorrow asking why McCain hates America?

commoniowan: Amazingly Fox News thinks McCain won.

commoniowan: Said this earlier. Foreign policy is McCain's expertise and Obama's weakness and Obama more than held his own. First debate goes to Obama.

commoniowan: From Kos: Obama is delivering elegant, understated slams. McCain is trying to squeeze in a hit here or there, but is missing his mark.

commoniowan: Closing statements go on and on. Obama says we can't afford to put all of our chips into Iraq. McCain "Obama doesn't understand anything."

commoniowan: McCain admits we tortured prisoners and says it will never happen again.
commoniowan: Obama outlines plan on Russia. McCain attacks then gives the exact answer.

commoniowan: McCain has a Palin moment and mispronounces the leader of Iran's name.

commoniowan: League of Democracies? Isn't there a United Nations already?

commoniowan: McCain trys to explain his bomb Iran comment and outlines his record sending troops to war. Is McCain trying to justify bombing Iran?

commoniowan: Obama brings up McCain singing bomb Iran.

commoniowan: McCain forgets that he once sang bomb, bomb, bomb Iran at a townhall meeting.

commoniowan: Obama's response refocuses the debate on bin Laden, but he should have brought up that the Iraqi prime minister endorses Obama's plan.

commoniowan: Foreign policy is supposed to be McCain's strength and Obama's weakness, and Obama is holding his own.

commoniowan: Using McCain's definition of defeat in Iraq ,we lose when we leave. We win when we stay.

commoniowan: McCain has a senior moment and forgets that he flip flopped on torture in the past year.

commoniowan: Obama attempts to show that his priority is the middle class and McCain's is the wealthy, but it was a little clumsy.

commoniowan: Obama finally brings up that we are spending $10 billion a month in Iraq.

commoniowan: Looks like McCain is getting pissed off at Lehrer.

commoniowan: McCain says he is against ethanol and instantly lost the votes of a lot of farmers across the midwest.

commoniowan: Obama brings up that McCain plans to tax health care benefits and raise taxes on working Americans

commoniowan: The majority of businesses don't pay any taxes at all and Obama is bringing that up.

commoniowan: McCain didn't win Miss Congeniality. But Sarah Palin did.

commoniowan: McCain praises the American worker despite wanting to ship their jobs overseas and calling buy American provisions ridiculous.

commoniowan: McCain says of course he is going vote for bailout plan even though we don't know what the plan is. He would need to show up to vote first.

commoniowan: McCain is the first one to say the word hope.

commoniowan: Obama mentions 8 years of failed economic policy under Bush. More like nearly 30 years of a failed Republican economic philosophy.

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