Wednesday, September 24, 2008

That's Why McCain Wants to Reschedule Friday's Debate

Now I understand why McCain wants to reschedule Friday's debate...

According to CNN, McCain's camp is now proposing that the debate be postponed by moving it to into the time and venue of the vice presidential debate, scheduled for Oct. 2nd in St. Louis. The Biden-Palin debate would then be itself rescheduled to happen later on.
So Palin's not ready for the vice presidential debate next week and this is stunt to get that moved back.


Jeremie Jordan said...

Yeah...because the VP debate is sooo important. By the way, Republicans can't wait for Biden to open his month. You never know what's going to come out.

Ben said...

The only way the VP debate is going to matter is if Palin comes off as a total idiot. She has to do bad enough to shake loose idependant voters and prevent more independents from falling into the McCaine camp.

It is rare of VP debates to actually effect the race, but there may be a Bensen -Quale moment, that bucks the trend.

Jeremie Jordan said...

I think Palin will fall on her face.
She has not been able to lower expectations through any real interview, press coverage, now everyone is expecting the world for her and the media is going to be a lot more critical.

As for John McCain, this "chicken run" cost him the election, if he doesnt show up on Friday, to defend his national security chops, he is done.