Monday, August 18, 2008

Remember Latham Voted Against Body Armor for Our Troops

Vote Vets ran this ad against in 2006 against George Allen, Conrad Burns, and Rick Santorum for voting against supplying the proper body armor to our troops serving in Iraq.

In the House, Tom Latham also voted against supplying the proper body armor to our troops serving in Iraq.

Becky Greenwald is running against Tom Latham and has been endorsed by General Wesley Clark.

“I’m endorsing Becky for Congress because her experience with the American Red Cross assisting wounded veterans returning home from the Vietnam War has shaped her strong commitment to our nation’s veterans,” said General Wesley Clark.

Tom Latham has voted to cut billions from Veterans programs in order to fund tax cuts for the wealthy. (HCR 95, Vote #78, 3/20/03)

“George Bush and Tom Latham have for too long cut funding for our troops returning from Iraq, and we need Becky in Congress to be a voice for our soldiers,” said General Clark.
Allen, Burns, and Santorum all lost in 2006. Latham will be running in 2008 and say that he supports the troops, but we all know better. All you have to do is look at his voting history against our troops.


Sousy said...

It also needs to be pointed out repeatedly that Latham was part of the group of Congressmen that were on the "Active Abramoff Role" - fortunately Latham is a pretty quiet guy so he doesn't appear on the take....

Hooah! said...

It is very sad that Latham cannot support the troops. I recently found out that, even though he was the perfect age to do so, he never fought in Vietnam. Where even though Becky could not, being a woman, she still volunteered to help injured troops coming home.
This veteran supports Becky 100 percent!

Anonymous said...

it is said that latham cannot suport troops. it also need to be pointed out repeatedlythat latham was part of group of congressman.

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