Friday, June 13, 2008

Obama Beats McCain in the Hispanic Vote

During the Democratic Primary, the media talked about Obama's troubles with Hispanic voters.

However, this NBC/Wall St. Journal poll released yesterday shows Barack Obama beating John McCain among Hispanic voters 62% to 28%. According to exit polls from 2004, John Kerry won the Hispanic vote 53% to 44%.

That increase in support could swing some states in the Southwest to Obama...

"That does not bode well for Republicans" in the Southwest, the Republican pollster added, in swing states such as Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado, where Hispanic voters are numerous enough to tip the result. Sen. McCain, who comes from a state with a large Hispanic population and has favored liberalizing policies toward illegal immigrants, has hopes of matching Mr. Bush's record of winning more than 40% of Hispanic voters.


Mitch H. said...

Senator Obama won the Latino vote in Iowa on January 3rd. Obama won 9 of the 10 largest Latino populated counties in the state during the Iowa Caucuses. Following Iowa, Senator Obama won the Colorado contest (Latino population 25%) and the caucuses in Texas (won the support of more pledged Texas delegates). In April, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (highest ranking elected Latino official in the United States) endorsed Senator Barack Obama.

Mitch H. said...

Recent polling indicates that Senator Barack Obama has obtained a very significant lead over John McCain with the Latino vote. Obama has amassed 35%+ lead over McCain. It is important to note that no Republican presidential candidate has earned 45% or more of the Latino vote. The failed efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform over the past 2 years, primarily due to efforts of conservative Republicans in congress, will severely handicap McCain in the general election.