Monday, May 12, 2008

Kevin Miskell Recieves Endorsement from Joe Trippi

Joe Trippi wrote a diary on Daily Kos endorsement Kevin Miskell for Congress in Iowa's 4th district. Trippi got to know Miskell while working with him on the Edwards campaign leading up to the Iowa caucuses. In the diary, Trippi asked people to donate to Miskell's campaign.

I have met all of the candidates and currently am undecided on who I will be supporting. Now, I usually wouldn't post the link to a candidates Actblue page without endorsing them, but I believe Miskell is right on the issues, so I am posting Trippi's diary in its entirety.

Be the Voice of Change

There’s been a lot of talk about change during this election cycle.

After 8 years of the failed policies of George Bush, America is ready for change. The question is: What kind of change are Democrats going to settle for?

In the 2008 election cycle, voters have a choice to send the same old type of politician to Washington DC or support real change.

I’m ready for real change, that’s why I support Kevin Miskell.

Kevin is a fifth generation family farmer and former Vice President of Iowa Farmers Union who has the progressive vision that America needs today. For the past two decades he has fought to save the family farm, promote sustainable agriculture and protect the environment.

Support real change by sending a true progressive to Congress in 2008. Support Kevin Miskell with a contribution of $20.08 right now.

I got to know Kevin during the Iowa caucuses when we traveled the state working to promote John Edward’s progressive message about protecting the economic rights of middle class and working families.

During our long trips together I learned about Kevin’s commitment to creating positive change in his own state and beyond. For the past 21 years Kevin has worked at the grassroots level to promote family farm agriculture, fought against the special interests of giant, corporate agribusiness and stood up for the environment.

Now Kevin needs our support to bring real change to Washington DC. Be the Voice of Change and contribute $20.08 right now.

If we as a nation are ever going to get the change we deserve, then we need individuals like Kevin Miskell in Congress. Kevin is a man whose integrity and commitment to the issues is unwavering.

Working together, we can bring the type of progressive change that our nation so desperately needs.

-- Joe Trippi


Support McKinley Bailey said...

Good to see national recognition for a candidate in our district!

Anonymous said...

He's the last endorsement I'd want, look at that 100% losing track record. See he took down all the photos with him and regular people and replaced them with photos of Trippi. Is that what he plans on doing in congress too?