Tuesday, May 06, 2008

75 million Reasons the Gas Tax is a Scam

Tom Harkin said Iowa would lose $75 million for roads and bridge maintenance under the gas tax holiday proposed by John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

Harkin, an Iowa Democrat, has objected to the idea because the proposal would eliminate at least $75 million per quarter - based on 2006 estimates - that the Iowa Department of Transportation gets to use on roads and bridges in the state. In effect, enacting a gas tax moratorium for the summer would amount to a loss of at least $75 million in revenues to rebuild the highways, roads and bridges in Iowa.
It isn't like our roads and bridges are fixing themselves. The state would be forced to find the money from another source, which would most likely be property taxes or increasing fees on vehicles.

The Gas Tax Holiday is scam that would likely increase state and local taxes, while giving your minimal relief at the pump.


The Real Sporer said...

Three thoughts, assuming I agree with Bahama Tommy's fiscal impact.

Are not roads and bridges among the most important core functions of government?

If so, should they not be prioritized above other goods and services delivered by government?

Therefore, should we not simply cut the gas taxes at a time when the cost of gas is pinching most people and eliminate tobacco subsidies and maybe corn and soy beans also since ag prices are also approaching record highs. Our farmers will find very ample markets to produce income, and the more soy diesel and ethanol we produce the less we pay for gas.

As Newt says, it isn't real change if it isn't real change.

noneed4thneed said...

The gas tax is for road maintenance. So cutting the gas tax means you cut money for road maintenance.

I'd love to see Tom Latham run on a platform of cutting agriculture subsidies and using that money on roads and bridges.

Support McKinley Bailey said...

The gas tax holiday is a scam.
Although Sporer's idea sounds great the majority of Republicans wont go for it, and I dont think Democrats would do it without any Republican support.

Maybe if we had a democratic president or a filibuster majority, but until than, it is just a pipe dream