Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Did Steve King Kick off his run for Governor over the weekend?

In cased you missed it, Rep. Steve King, who represents western Iowa, spoke at the 2nd District Convention in Iowa City on Saturday. This just might have been the kickoff to King's run for Governor in 2010.

Some were surprised that King decided against running for Senate against Tom Harkin, but I have heard rumors that King has his eyes sight on the Governor job. This trip to eastern Iowa might be the beginning of King attempting to get his name out there in the eastern part of the state.


Claire said...

Steve King didn't run against Harkin because he knew that Harkin would crush him like the cockroach he is. Mark my words, he will never be governor of Iowa.

desmoinesdem said...

Good catch. I would love to see King run against Culver. It would get him out of Congress, and with any luck a less embarrassing Republican would win the 5th district.

If Culver was able to beat Nussle (whose base was eastern Iowa) by 100,000 votes, I think he would beat King by 200,000 votes or more.

Bert said...

If he gets too busy campaigning across the state, Mr. King can hire Mexicans to cut his grass.

Support McKinley Bailey said...

I dont think so... But it Looks like Grassley wont be running for another election, I think king has his eyes on this open seat... Who are we thinking about fielding for the D's? Judge?, Fallon?, Braley?, maybe Daryll Beal?, maybe someone I'e neer heard of?