Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Second Tier Democrats Draw Larger Crowds Than Republican Frontrunners

MSNBC's First Read reported something that I have been seeing on the ground all summer long...

Yesterday, we spent some time with the so-called second tier on the Dem side. The most striking thing: the crowd sizes. Biden and Richardson seem to get similar crowds as the GOP front-runners.
Marc Ambinder says Biden's crowds have been impressive the past few days.
Some of the second tier candidates are beginning to draw large crowds, like Joe Biden, for whom 500 showed up in Des Moines, 300 in Mason City, and 250 in Dubuque. I doubt that Biden will finish in the top three, but he's clearly got the deepest well of support among the second-tier Dems, and he's a strong second choice candidate for many supporters of the top-tier Democrats.
Crowds like that mean one of two things: Iowans aren't 100% certain on the rock star candidates and are still considering the second tier candidates or Iowa is definitely going to be a blue state come 2008.


Jeremie Jordan said...

Larger crowds doesn't equate evidenced by the Kerry / Bush election.

Anonymous said...

Last night I saw Huck rock out, and it was entertaining, but the fluff doesn't sell me. What I love about Iowans and being an Iowan is knowing we listen, we listen to them all, and obviously this time around we are listening the right folks. I'm caucusing for the first time tomorrow democratic. You can follow me at and check me out on Happy caucusing!
Elizabeth Gotsdiner

noneed4thneed said...

I read somewhere that Biden and Richardson probably just as many supporters attend the caucus as Huckabee and Romney, who place 1 and 2 on the Republican side.