Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Edwards Marathon

John Edwards is in the middle of his 36 hour Middle Class Marathon before the Iowa Caucuses on Thursday. Edwards held 2 campaign stops over night, a midnight house party at the home of Denise O'Brien in Atlantic, a house party at 2:15 am in Creston, and a 5:15 am Pancake Breakfast in Centerville.

The 36-hour marathon culminates in a major, final rally on Wednesday evening - the night before the caucuses - in West Des Moines. We'll have a number of special guests at the event, including John Mellencamp, who will perform for the crowd.

As he makes his closing argument to Iowans, John Edwards will highlight his bold plans to stand up to the powerful special interests and give hard working, middle class families a voice in Washington.

John heads into these final days before the caucuses with growing momentum as more and more Iowans respond to his positive vision of America - an America where everyone can work hard and build a better life for their children.


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