Saturday, December 15, 2007

What is a Democratic Congress Good for?

It seems absolutely nothing.

As Congress stumbles toward Christmas, President Bush is scoring victory after victory over his Democratic adversaries. He has beaten back domestic spending increases, thwarted an expansion of children's health insurance coverage, defeated tax hikes, won funding for the war in Iraq and pushed Democrats toward shattering their pledge not to add to the federal deficit with new tax cuts or rises in mandatory spending.
It is pretty sad that the Democrats can't stand up to a president that has an approval rating in the low 30's or point out the hypocrisy of the Senate Republicans for filibustering everything, just a couple of years after Republicans threatened using the nuclear option.


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Ben said...

A democratic senate without 60 votes is as good as a republican senate, much the same way as a democratic house without the 2/3 needed to overcome a veto is useless. Blame the Consititution for prefering inaction to the tyranny of the majority.

I will agree that not nearly enough hay is being made of Pres. Bush and his lackies effectively giving America the finger rather than pass any legislation.