Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some Neighborly Advice for Iowans

Here is some neighborly advice from Illinois for Iowans to consider before caucusing.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto this blog and loved the video.
I do agree with this gentleman from Illinois, and not because I am from Illinois, too.
It is because he is right.
And again, not because the candidate with the charisma is from Illinois.
It is a simple fact.
The one people like, that indies and republicans will support and get the least hate blow back in the GE is the guy everyone likes.
Simple formula.
But, I don't mind Iowa going first. You guys know what you are doing, except for the establishment candidates you picked.
They never win

benny06 said...

Yeah, I wish I could go caucus even in Marshalltown, but alas, I live in Illinois.

But I am going to do something different, and it is more in line with what John Edwards said today in Boone, IA. He said a caucus goer went up to him not long ago and said, "Edwards I like you, but I didn't vote for you." He asked, "why not?" And her response, "Because you didn't ask to me to."

Iowans I encourage you to go caucus for John Edwards, who will get things done by changing the corporatist government back into a democracy of we the people.