Thursday, December 06, 2007

Iowa State Daily Endorses Obama

Earlier this week the Iowa State Daily endorsed Barack Obama to win the Iowa Caucuses.

In Obama, we have a candidate who has more to offer than a strategic plan or policy that will change America for the better. What Obama brings above all else is a renewed sense of hope. The past seven years have caused our hope for a better world, a better America, to waver. We have lost a national direction, and Obama can restore that.

But his campaign isn't based on hope alone. Obama has a realistic plan to get the troops out of Iraq, instead of some poorly thought out cut-and-run debacle; he has a commitment to making the U.S. energy independent, which would solve several of our Iraq problems anyway; he takes the changes occurring in our environment seriously and would put measures in place to reduce our impact; and his universal health insurance plan is as realistic as anyone else's.

They also touch on a point that I bring up when talking to people about why Hillary isn't at the top of my list...
Perhaps what Obama offers most of all is a change of family. Two families have run the country for the past 20 years, and an election for Hillary would make that 24 at a minimum - longer than most college students have been alive. Political power shouldn't follow through family lines. That in itself is unhealthy for our country's image to the rest of the world as a democracy, and is an example of a political system that seems rooted in its old ways that aren't working.
The Iowa State Daily serves Iowa State University, Ames, and Story County and has a readership of nearly 28,000. With a lot of talk about how many college students will caucus this endorsement could help Obama win more support from students.


Em said...

The blurb today about how Obama is urging students to cut their winter break short to come back and caucus for him made me laugh. I AM cutting my break short so I can caucus...but it's not for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone keeping track of the newspaper endorsements? I know Biden got at least one in NW Iowa (Storm Lake?), and Edwards got the Valley News Today in Shenandoah.