Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bush Vetoes SCHIP Again

Yesterday, Bush vetoed a compromise bill on expanding SCHIP again...

For the second time, President Bush has vetoed a major expansion of the children's health insurance program, making it clear that the debate will linger as a political issue throughout 2008.

Democrats had rewritten the $35 billion SCHIP legislation in an effort to create more firm caps on income eligibility while explicitly banning children of illegal immigrants from qualifying for the program, funding the expansion with an increase in tobacco taxes. But in an October vote, Democrats gained no ground with House Republicans, who held enough of their members together to sustain any veto.

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Ben said...

It's clear that the Republicans circled the wagons on expanding SCHIP. The President (and Republican's who still want him campagining for them in their districts) as made this their "private health insurance or nothing" issue. Absent Jacob Marley visiting some Republicans and teaching them the true meaning of Christmas this game's over.