Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vilsack Says Clinton was the Face of the Administration on Foreign Affairs

Tom Vilsack made some interesting comments while being interviewed on MSNBC, saying Hillary Clinton "was the face of the administration in foreign affairs."

From the Washington Post...

But Vilsack -- who dropped out of the race early on and is now rumored by many to be seeking a slot alongside Clinton if she wins the nomination -- took it a questionable step further.

"There is no question she was the face of the administration in foreign affairs," Vilsack said.

Really? Hillary Clinton was the face of the Clinton administration in foreign affairs? More than, say, the secretary of state? Or his vice president? Or his, um, ambassador to the United Nations?

Au contraire, said New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who served in the last of those jobs - -and is now seeking the presidency himself.

"Gov. Vilsack's enthusiasm for his candidate has clouded his judgment," Richardson spokesman Tom Reynolds said on Tuesday night. "Considering that Gov. Bill Richardson served as a Special Envoy and US Ambassador to the United Nations under President Clinton, we take some exception to this opinion. I also think Madeline Albright might disagree too." No word yet from former Pres. Clinton, who was known to conduct some foreign policy himself from time to time

These comments seem pretty ridiculous and it has seemed to offend Richardson, who has been telling people to focus on a positive campaign.

Maybe Vilsack wanted to get his name out there since Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and Gen. Wesley Clark have been making the round for Clinton in Iowa lately.


The Real Sporer said...

That is just preposterous. Hillary had a very low profile on foreign affairs. IN fact, after the health care failure she was pretty low profile on all substantive issues.

I'm thinking Albright, Berger, Richardson and Holbrooke all had far more significant roles than Hillary.

noneed4thneed said...

We actually seem to agree on something.