Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Drive a Hummer or Die

At first I thought this was another Tom Tancredo ad, but this Hummer ad is basically saying you need to drive a Hummer or you are going to die.


Diana said...

If you want to survive the apocalypse, buy a HUMMER! It looks like they hired either Tom Tancredo or Ari Fleisher’s Freedom Watch group to produce this ad. It has all the fear factor elements and major disasters that have defined Bush and the GOP. Now HUMMER is using them on the American people to sell their product. It’s just wonderful darling.
Luckily, they suggest only off-highway vehicles. Can you imagine if they began to advert Hummer limo?
HUMMER OWNERS PREPARED FOR EMERGENCIES. This is followed by a view of the planet from space. Eff you, Hummer and eff you, Meet The Press, for airing the worst commercial ever.

Nisha said...

Military-style Hummers have survived years of vandalism, arson and abuse. But the lumbering American gas-guzzling vehicles have met their match in the rocketing cost of filling a tank with petrol.Alarmed by a slump in demand for vehicles that consume vast quantities of fuel, Hummer's owner, General Motors, is reviewing the future of the Hummer brand which was originally a civilian version of the US military's armoured Humvee. The struggling Detroit-based carmaker said it was considering off-loading the business - and with US sales plunging, its prospects are cloudy.



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