Thursday, October 11, 2007

Selden Spencer Will Not Be Running in Iowa's 4th District

I recieved a letter from the Selden Spencer campaign saying that Dr. Spencer will not be running for Congress in Iowa's 4th District. Spencer cited personal and professional reasons for his decision.

Dr. Spencer had this to say in the letter...

This remains a crucial time in our history, a time in which we struggle to regain the soul of our nation - an American spirit that respects all, works for the common good, and speaks truth and honesty to the multiple grave challenges that we face. Each of us has a role to play in this struggle. I urge you to continue to use your time, treasure, and energy to help achieve this goal for the sake of our children and the future of this great country we all love.

In 2006, the deck was stacked against Dr. Spencer's attempt to defeat Rep. Latham. Spencer entered the race late, he didn't get much support from the state party (because they were already investing in the 1st and 2nd districts and protecting Boswell's seat in the 3rd district), and he didn't have any name recognition at all. When put together, Spencer had a hard raising the money needed and a hard time getting his name out there to voters.

Spencer was also a first time candidate that was new to the campaign trial. However, Dr. Spencer passion and knowledge always was visable and as the campaign went along, he got more and more comfortable and became a more compelling speaker on the campaign trail.

With the experience he gained in 2006, Tom Latham's continued support for Bush's war in Iraq, and the fact Spencer was looking to get into the race earlier, I thought Spencer really had a shot of defeating Tom Latham in 2008.

Hopefully, Democrats in Iowa's 4th district will be able to find a candidate by the end of the year and build on the momentum that Dr. Spencer created to defeat Tom Latham.

Thank you, Dr. Spencer, for all the hard work and passion you poured into the making this country a better place.


John said...

The state party wasn't investing jack in the 2nd CD; it was all about Braley and the underperforming, due for a primary Leonard Boswell. Even the Iowa blogosphere (with a couple exceptions *cough me) cough*was dismissing Dave Loebsack while pumping up Spencer.

noneed4thneed said...

Didn't the state party invest some in the 2nd district late, once it seemed Braley was going to win for sure?

I posted quite often about Loebsack leading up to the election.