Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Maybe Huckabee's Campaign Manager Can Donate Some Money

Mike Huckabee isn't raising much money, only raising $1 million in the 3rd quarter. However, Huckabee has the highest paid campaign manger on the Republican side.

Marc Ambinder takes a look at who the best paid campaign manager on the Republican side is...

Not Beth Myers, Mitt Romney's campaign manager, who takes home about $7,000 a month after taxes, or Michael DuHaime of the Giuliani campaign, who makes $14,386 per month after taxes... it's Chip Saltzman, Mike Huckabee's campaign manager, who makes about $15,000 per month.

Saltzman's estimated $250,000 per year is about seven percent of what Huckabee has raised to date -- $2,345,798.

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