Saturday, September 01, 2007

Is Ron Paul Even Trying?

Chris Bowers at Open Left has a chart that shows how many days each candidate has campaigned in the early states. The chart shows Ron Paul has only spent a total of 32 days campaigning in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan, and Florida. Only Mike Gravel and Fred Thompson have spent fewer days campaigning than Rep. Paul.

I know Ron Paul has a lot of serious support online, but he won't move up unless he gets serious about campaigning.


Anonymous said...

I don't think he is really trying to "move up." I think he realizes that he has no chance at the nomination and is just trying to make a splash in the national media.

He is helping to shift the conversation within the GOP a little during the debates. That was probably his main goal. Comparable to Gravel and Kucinich.


noneed4thneed said...

51% of Iowa Republicans favor a withdrawal of all US military from Iraq within 6 months. All Paul would need to do is capture half of that vote and he could win Iowa. He has money from online donations and the straw poll showed he has a dedicated volunteer base, but if he doesn't hold campaign events then all of that energy is wasted.

Chris said...

Ron still has a responsibility to be in Washington for the important votes, despite his presidential candidacy. It's still very early in the race and his campaigning activities have increased as the cashflow increases. There are many factors as to why Ron hasn't been around as much. The real question should be, what the heck has Fred been doing? Writing warmonger pieces about Iran? He's a rich retired actor/lobbyist/Senator, what has Fred been doing?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what WaPo bases "Trips" on. He hasn't been here 17 times has he?

noneed4thneed said...

I think it means he has held 17 events in the state. So on same days he has had more than one event.