Thursday, September 27, 2007

Braley Owes MoveOn $87,000

Bruce Braley voted to condemn for the Petraeus/Betray Us ad that ran in the New York Times. helped raise over $87,000 to help get Braley elected in 2006.

Matt Stoller from Open Left wrote...

Since they voted to condemn Moveon's ad, they have neutralized Moveon's ability to help them.
Since Braley considers MoveOn so bad, should he consider returning the $87,000 then?

Or does Braley consider, now that he is elected, that he doesn't need help from groups like MoveOn?

Or does Braley think newspaper ads do more harm than continue a failed policy in Iraq?


Anonymous said...

Very disappointing, but Braley has generally voted the right way. I am not personally going to swear off contributing to him in the future.


Ben said...

Reading the open left's post made me far more angry then the fact that Bruce Braley may have actually voted for a position he believes in. The stark arrogance of "we gave these guys money, so we need to be able to tell them what to do" is exactly the kind of cynical, "business as usual" junk that I thought progressives were supposed to be against.

Agree with moveon or not, the fact is the add offended alot of people, some of whom are even against the war. Attacking the military for fighting the war the politicians are forcing them to fight isn't something this particular democrat supports. I found the add neither helpful nor tactful. It was a sleezy (and expensive) plublicity stunt, and when called on they are descending to the same cynical moneygrubbing they supposedly condem.

Rant off.