Thursday, August 16, 2007

Grassley Calls Out Iraq Summer Organizer, Gets Asked About Iraq Anyway

Last week at a townhall meeting, Sen. Grassley calls out one of the field organizers from Iraq Summer for video taping the meeting.

Then later in the meeting Grassley is thanked for the warning about being on YouTube by one of the people attending the meeting...

Thank you Senator for the warning about being on YouTube, but realize this is southern Iowa, we don't care because we all underwear. So if we are on YouTube don't worry about.
The man then tells Sen. Grassley we need to get out of Iraq and use the money we are spending in Iraq on health care. Grassley answers with just one sentence about Social Security and Medicare being paid from separate funds and totally ignores the portion about Iraq. The next question is from a woman who's son is serving overseas. Grassley stumbles around, gives the same wait until September talking points, and the discussion gets a little heated at the end.

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