Thursday, August 09, 2007

Edwards Picks up Key Iowa Endrosement

John Edwards has picked up the endorsement from Jeff Link, who has a wealth of campaign experience in the state. Link has connections that go back to the Gore-Lieberman campaign and he has worked on Vilsack and Harkin campaigns. These connections will be a big help for Edwards in the state.

MSNBC's First Read had this to say about Link's endorsement...

A somewhat surprising commitment today in Iowa for Edwards. Harkin operative Jeff Link is endorsing Edwards today, but not joining the official campaign payroll. Link's got ties to both Clinton and Obama, so the Edwards signing is a minor surprise to those in Iowa.
Iowa Politics has the press release from Edwards campaign where Link had this to say about Edwards...

“Not only does John Edwards have the boldest agenda of change and taking on special interests, but he is the strongest candidate to carry our party to victory next November,” Link said. “He is the only candidate who has won in a solidly red state and in poll after poll he is the best Democratic candidate against whomever the Republicans nominate. I’m honored to be a part of his team.”

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