Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dave Nagle on Iowa's Role as First in the Nation

Former Rep. Dave Nagle is back blogging at the Des Moines Register. Yesterday, he wrote about Iowa's role as first in the nation.

Critics argue that neither state is representative of the country as a whole. The populations are too white or too rural to really reflect the national will. But whether these reasons or others, every four years it is still Iowa and then New Hampshire.

But interestingly enough, while other states continually challenge the “first in the nation states”, the potential candidates do not and the reason for their not challenging is based upon some pretty sound logic.

Long shot individuals, who in their bedrooms at night hear the nation calling them, know that it doesn’t require the money that front-runners have at their disposal. A level playing field is better than the future leader of the free world being decided by who has the biggest bank account.

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