Thursday, July 26, 2007

March to ReEnergize Iowa

There is a march to ReEngergize Iowa scheduled for August 2nd through August 5th from Ames to Des Moines to promote awareness of global warming.

Here is some information from their website...

The ReEnergize Iowa campaign has been working throughout the summer to bring together a diverse coalition of organizations, constituents and individuals in Iowa for a unified call on our national leaders to cut carbon emissions at least 80% by 2050---a doable 2% each year, starting now. We are organizing a march to highlight the need to build a clean energy economy for real global warming solutions. The march will commence in Ames on August 2 and end with a rally at Nollen Plaza in Des Moines on August 5. At the same time that we will be marching in Iowa, thousands of citizens will be marching in New Hampshire from Nashua to Concord. With the two largest marches ever planned around climate change occurring simultaneously, we will be organizing local and national media to amplify our call to action.
NASA scientist and Iowa native, Dr. James Hansen will be speaking at the rally following the march on August 5th in Des Moines.

I first learned about the march at the John Mayer/Ben Folds concert last month. Ben Folds received a flyer with information about the March the day before the show while walking around downtown Des Moines. That night, Folds wrote a song using the words on the flyer. He planned on playing the song at the concert, but misplaced the flyer. It took a stagehand half the show to find the flyer. Here's Ben Folds singing the song, March to ReEngergize Iowa...

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