Monday, July 23, 2007

It's the Hair, Stupid

Each candidate submitted a video tonight in the CNN/YouTube debate. Chris Dodd and John Edwards have hilarious videos about their hair.



Edwards tackles the comments about his hair head on. Dodd's video is way better than the ads that have been airing on TV in Iowa. I want to see these on TV.

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Ben said...

Funny video for Edwards. There's a fair point that with all the serious issues facing the nation that a hair cut isn't a big deal. My problem, however, is the "controversy" isn't about his's about his credibility. Can someone who pays $400 for a hair cut real speak with any credibility on the issue of poverty? I'm not sure I'd be so quick to try to dismiss the problem with a pithy video, instead of explaining where a rich middle-aged white guy gets off lecturing the country on helping the poor.

If he was looking for a musical Jesus Christ Superstar might have been better. "Everything's alright" has a nice little bit about wasting money on luxeries instead of helping the poor.