Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mason City Globe Gazette Endorses Selden Spencer

The Mason City Globe Gazette has endorsed Selden Spencer in the race for US Congress in the 4th District. Here's part of their endorsement...

But it’s time for a change. In the last six years, Republican leadership has buried this country under a mountain of debt while entangling it in two wars that seem to have no clear-cut objectives and offer no road home. We believe the war in Iraq has become the motivator for more terrorism in the world, not the solution to it.

The administration and Congress have fared little better with domestic matters such as immigration and health care reform, and the partisanship and rancor exhibited by this group of Republicans are tearing this nation apart.

For the sake of our country, this state of affairs must change. It won’t change unless the Democratic Party has the strength needed to oppose the White House.

“We must hold the other party accountable. We have a president, a Senate and a House of Representatives that have failed us,” said Spencer in a story published in the Globe Gazette on Oct. 19.

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