Monday, October 16, 2006

Comments on Loebsack and Leach Debate

I caught most of the debate tonight sponsored by KCRG and the Gazette between Democrat Dave Loebsack and Republican Jim Leach. I thought Loebsack was a little shaky at the beginning. He was jumping around trying to include every issue in his answers. Loebsack settled down and I think at the end, he came out on top.

Leach did well...for a newscaster. He did an outstanding job outlining the issues. He used big, important sounding words and discussed both sides of the issues, but when he was done, you weren't sure what he was saying. It was Kerry-esque. Then in his closing statement, Leach quoted from a poem. That may play well in Iowa City, but what about the rest of the district. Reading the poem might be preparing Leach for his next job... as President of the University of Iowa.

Loebsack won 2 big points from me for using the term "birth tax" when talking about the deficit and coming right out and saying that Leach's first vote will be for Hastert and to continue Republican leadership. In a district that leans so much to the Democrats that is pretty much all that needs to be said. Hopefully, enough people are paying attention.

John Deeth also has coverage of the debate and I will update tomorrow with links to some stories from the old media.

Des Moines Register story
Iowa City Press Citizen story
Cedar Rapids Gazette story

**Update #2**
KCRG now has video of the debate up on their website.

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Support McKinley Bailey said...

I just watched this online...Any chance for a D-2 debate this year?