Friday, June 23, 2006

Leach Votes to Give Rich Another Tax Break and Hurts Working Iowans

Dave Loebsack comments on Jim Leach voting to repeal the estate tax.

“Jim Leach’s vote on the estate tax defies fiscal responsibility and his own rhetoric, at the expense of working families in Iowa,” Loebsack said.

“After thirty years in Congress, Leach has apparently decided it is more important to give millionaires a big tax break than it is to balance the budget, more important to heap more debt on the backs of middle-income families than it is to assure that our critical needs are met,” Loebsack continued.

The bill exempts almost all estates from tax, slashes the tax rates on the rest and will cost at least $760 billion during its first full decade. Another $600 billion would be added to the deficit along with an additional $160 billion in the interest on that borrowing, to be paid back by future generations so today’s wealthiest families can get another Republican tax break.
Leach also voted against a livable wage. Loebsack responded by saying...
“I am appalled that our incumbent Representative does not support requiring companies that get federal help to employ American workers at decent wages," said Loebsack. “This is another example of how Jim Leach is out of touch with the priorities of hard working Iowans. When elected to Congress, I will immediately sponsor legislation to increase the minimum wage by at least two dollars,” he continued. “Once again, when we needed leadership from Jim Leach, working Iowan’s didn’t get it.”
Jim Leach has failed eastern Iowa over and over again. Leach is not the moderate than many people believe. The Republicans can count on his vote when they need it the most. It is time for real leadership. It is time for a real Progressive in Iowa's most Democratic district. The answer is Dave Loebsack. Please support Loebsack against the fake-moderate Jim Leach.


Nicolai Brown said...

I agree Leach must go - he sucks.

FWIW, Boswell voted to repeal the estate tax as well. Surprised?

noneed4thneed said...

Sadly was I not surprised about Boswell. After he voted for the bankruptcy bill, I realized that Democrats can't oount on Boswell.